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Cancer Care

Cancer has become one of the top ten chronic illnesses in India. There are over seven lakh new cases of cancer and almost three lakh deaths occur annually due to cancer. Oral cavity, lungs, esophagus and stomach amongst men and cervix, breast and oral cavity amongst women are the leading cancers in India based upon the data from National Cancer Registry. There is an alarming rise in the number of childhood cancer cases in India compared to the developed nations; it becomes extremely important to focus on children suffering with cancer. With ever increasing complexities of life and the ever busier nature of the modern day life style, it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide the necessary care and attention to the cancer patient in your family. This is where Kronikare steps in to help you by offering the desirable services to complement your love and care to you dear ones. Kronikare offers specially designed services to help address the specific needs of patients with different age groups and suffering from different types of cancers.

Our More Services

These includes the most of the services provided under Geriatric Care and Parental Care. Along with it, Kronikare offers specific services such as: